Articles publicats en revistes (Obstetrícia i Ginecologia, Pediatria i Radiologia i Medicina Física)


Publications in public/open access derived from the research activities of faculty members at the Universitat de Barcelona.

Recent Submissions

Manzanares Céspedes, María Cristina; Franch, J.; Carvalho Lobato, Patricia; Belmonte, A. M.; Tusell, J.; Franch, B.; Fernández, J. M.; Clèries, L.; Morenza Gil, José Luis
Marin-Bejar, O.; Marchese, FP.; Athie, A.; Sanchez, Y.; Gonzalez, J.; Segura, V.; Huang, L.; Moreno, I.; Navarro Ponz, Alfons; Monzó Planella, Mariano; Garcia-Foncillas, J.; Rinn, JL.; Guo, S.; Huarte, M.

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