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Jiménez Agudelo, Yury Andrea; Cervelló Pastor, Cristina; García García, Aurelio Javier
Darbra Roman, Rosa Maria; Journée, H; Wooldridge, C.F.
Nova Lavado, Enrique; Romeu Robert, Jordi; Capdevila Cascante, Santiago; Torres Torres, Francisco; Jofre Roca, Lluís
Pujolasus, Edgar; Betró, S; Segui Julia, Xavier; Àgueda, Alba; Casal Fàbrega, Joaquim; Ocampo-Duque, W; Rudolph, I; Barra, R; Páez, M; Barón, E; Santín, G; Eljarrat, Ethel; Barceló, D; Darbra Roman, Rosa Maria


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Barcelona Tech (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialised in the fields of engineering, architecture and science.

The activity that goes on at UPC campuses and schools has made the University a benchmark institution. The University harnesses the potential of basic and applied research, and transfers technology and knowledge to society.

Our researchers are working in laboratories and research centres to increase scientific production, to promote its social value through the transfer of resultsto continue to lead international projects of excellence on our own initiative or in collaboration with research centres and universities around the world.

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