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The Barcelona Forum: on decentralized governance and conflict prevention 6-8 july 2009
Institut Català Internacional per la Pau
Oficina de Promoció de la Pau i dels Drets Humans; United Nations System Staff College
The Barcelona Forum aimed to generate both a theoretical and practical discussion on decentralized governance and its capacity to promote peace, prevent conflict, advance human security and ensure greater governmental accountability. The Forum intended to review the theoretical strength of decentralization as a political tool and discuss how it can be properly implemented. Eight case studies were selected to be covered during the two days in order to draw conclusions and offer proposals for the future implementation of decentralization. The case of Catalonia and the decentralized experience of Spain was given special attention, as an example of successful decentralization. The other cases presented achievements and challenges and prompted discussions on both the validity and universality of decentralization as a way to promote and preserve peace. Topics such as ethnic and territorial divisions, democratic accountability, financial decentralization and distribution, resource sharing, and external implementation of decentralization through peace processes were discussed.
35 - Administració pública. Govern. Assumptes militars
Gestió de conflictes
Conflictos, Gestión de
Conflict management
Prevenció de conflictes violents
Prevención de conflictos violentos
Violent conflict prevention
Governança descentralitzada
Descentralització administrativa
Decentralization in government
Descentralización administrativa
Conflictes ètnics
Conflictos étnicos
Conflict, Ethnic
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