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Innovative Applications : Open Educational Resources and Mobile Resources Repository for the Instruction of Educational Researchers in Mexico
Mortera-Gutierrez, Fernando J.
The movement of Open Educational Resources (OER) is one of the most important trends that are helping education through the Internet worldwide. "Tecnológico de Monterrey" ( in Mexico, with other Mexican higher education institutions, is creating an Internet/web based repository of OERs and Mobile Resources for the instruction and development of educational researchers at undergraduate, Master's and Doctoral level. There is a lack of open educational resources and material available at the Internet that can help and assist the development and education of educational researchers in Spanish speaking countries. This OER repository is part of a project that is experimenting new technology for the delivery of OERs from one repository ( through an indexed OER catalog ( to mobile devices (Ipod, Iphone, MP3, MP4). This paper presentation will describe and comment about this project: outcomes, best practices, difficulties and technological constraints.
Educational Technology
Open Educational Resources
Mobile Resources
Communities of Practice
Researchers Career Development
Open access
Web-based instruction
Ensenyament virtual
Accés obert
Enseñanza virtual
Acceso libre
Conference lecture
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya;
Open University of the Netherlands;
Brigham Young University

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