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The Monument Erected in Barcelona in 1954 in Honor of Archer Milton Huntington, the Founder of The Hispanic Society of America, and His Wife, Anna Hyatt Huntington, the Eminent Sculptress.
Socias Batet, Immaculada, 1945-
Universitat de Barcelona
It was in 1954 that Barcelona became the first city to pay tribute to Archer Milton Huntington (New York, 1870 - Bathel, Connecticut, 1955), by erecting a monument to the memory of this outstanding collector and Hispanist, and to hiswife, Anna Vaughn Hyatt Huntington (Cambridge, 1876 - California, 1973). An excellent sculptor, Anna Hyatt Huntington was also unstinting in her support of her husband¿s Hispanic interest. The monument was Barcelona's way of recognizing and paying tribute to this greatly respected American collector and philanthropist. Huntington played a major role in refuting "Prescott's Paradigm", named after the historian whose work on Spain did much to further the Black Legend.3 Moreover, Huntington occupied an important place in American Hispanic Studies, along with such other outstanding names as George Ticknor (Boston, 1791 - 1871), Washington Irving (New York, 1783 - 1859) and Henry Longfellow (1807 - 1882).
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Huntington, Archer M. (Archer Milton), 1870-1955
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Huntington, Archer Milton
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