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Multifractal dimension of chaotic attractors in a driven semiconductor superlattice
Bulashenko, O. M.; Luo, K. J.; Grahn, H. T.; Ploog, K. H.; Bonilla, L. L. (Luis López), 1956-
Universitat de Barcelona
The multifractal dimension of chaotic attractors has been studied in a weakly coupled superlattice driven by an incommensurate sinusoidal voltage as a function of the driving voltage amplitude. The derived multifractal dimension for the observed bifurcation sequence shows different characteristics for chaotic, quasiperiodic, and frequency-locked attractors. In the chaotic regime, strange attractors are observed. Even in the quasiperiodic regime, attractors with a certain degree of strangeness may exist. From the observed multifractal dimensions, the deterministic nature of the chaotic oscillations is clearly identified.
Caos (Teoria de sistemes)
Chaotic behavior in systems
(c) The American Physical Society, 1999
The American Physical Society

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