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Microstructural evolution of primary crystallization in diffusion-controlled grain growth
Crespo, D.; Pradell, Trinitat; Clavaguera-Mora, M. T.; Clavaguera, N. (Clavaguera Plaja)
Universitat de Barcelona
A model has been developed for evaluating grain size distributions in primary crystallizations where the grain growth is diffusion controlled. The body of the model is grounded in a recently presented mean-field integration of the nucleation and growth kinetic equations, modified conveniently in order to take into account a radius-dependent growth rate, as occurs in diffusion-controlled growth. The classical diffusion theory is considered, and a modification of this is proposed to take into account interference of the diffusion profiles between neighbor grains. The potentiality of the mean-field model to give detailed information on the grain size distribution and transformed volume fraction for transformations driven by nucleation and either interface- or diffusion-controlled growth processes is demonstrated. The model is evaluated for the primary crystallization of an amorphous alloy, giving an excellent agreement with experimental data. Grain size distributions are computed, and their properties are discussed.
Regla de les fases i equilibri
Phase rule and equilibrium
(c) The American Physical Society, 1997
The American Physical Society

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