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Off-axis vortices in trapped Bose-condensed gases: Angular momentum and frequency splitting
Guilleumas, Montserrat; Graham, R. (Robert), 1942-
Universitat de Barcelona
We consider noncentered vortices and their arrays in a cylindrically trapped Bose-Einstein condensate at zero temperature. We study the kinetic energy and the angular momentum per particle in the Thomas-Fermi regime and their dependence on the distance of the vortices from the center of the trap. Using a perturbative approach with respect to the velocity field of the vortices, we calculate, to first order, the frequency shift of the collective low-lying excitations due to the presence of an off-center vortex or a vortex array, and compare these results with predictions that would be obtained by the application of a simple sum-rule approach, previously found to be very successful for centered vortices. It turns out that the simple sum-rule approach fails for off-centered vortices.
Condensació de Bose-Einstein
Estadística quàntica
Bose-Einstein condensation
Quantum statistics
(c) The American Physical Society, 2001
The American Physical Society

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