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Improved multiexponential transient spectroscopy by iterative deconvolution
Marco Colás, Santiago; Palacín Roca, Jordi; Samitier i Martí, Josep
Universitat de Barcelona
The analysis of multiexponential decays is challenging because of their complex nature. When analyzing these signals, not only the parameters, but also the orders of the models, have to be estimated. We present an improved spectroscopic technique specially suited for this purpose. The proposed algorithm combines an iterative linear filter with an iterative deconvolution method. A thorough analysis of the noise effect is presented. The performance is tested with synthetic and experimental data.
Espectroscòpia electrònica
Mínims quadrats
Gaussian noise
Laplace transforms
Curve fitting
Deep level transient spectroscopy
Discrete time filters
Exponential distribution
Iterative methods
Least squares
Spectroscopy computing
(c) IEEE, 2001

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