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A qualitative study of the impact of electronic journals on scholarly information behavior
Ollé, Candela; Borrego, Àngel (Borrego Huerta)
Universitat de Barcelona
A qualitative study of the impact of electronic journals on the information behavior of academics at Catalan universities shows that academics now read more, and more widely. However, their reading is becoming more superficial; they are compelled to improve their discrimination skills in order to decide what to read in more depth. The electronic accessibility of journals means that academics now make fewer library visits. Web browsing and TOC e-mail alerts are replacing physical browsing, and searching is a very popular option for keeping up to date with developments. Internet search engines, especially Google and Google Scholar, are becoming important sources of information for academics. However, they face problems in managing their personal scientific information.
Revistes electròniques
Gestió de la informació
Electronic journals
Information resources management
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