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Tomato response to a high light transmission greenhouse film
Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Antón Vallejo, Ma. Asunción; Muñoz Odina, Pere
IRTA. Recerca i Tecnologia Agroalimentàries
Increasing greenhouse light transmission has a positive effect not only in Northern latitudes but in Mediterranean countries as well. A greenhouse, H2, with a tetrafluoroethylene copolymer 60 microns film, (Asahi Glass company, Aflex) characterised by its high light transmission and durability was compared to another greenhouse with a co-extruded film considered as a control, H1. Tomato crop response to the increase in light during winter and summer with high temperature and light was evaluated. Light transmission in H2 remained very high in spite of the observed dust accumulation and the low angle of incidence of the winter solar radiation. Transmissivity was clearly higher for H2 (81 to 83 % throughout the season) than in the control (around 63 %). The rest of the climatic parameters were similar in both greenhouses, either in the winter or in the summer evaluations. In spite of the high solar radiation in H2, the summer temperature could be maintained at the desired levels by using evaporative cooling. Accumulated tomato yield and quality was better in the H2 greenhouse (15 % more for the winter crop and 27% more for the summer crop). Fruit size was bigger in the winter crop. As an overall conclusion, the use of high light transmissive films in Mediterranean areas is very convenient for many vegetable crops. This is valid not only in winter but in summer, provided the greenhouse has good ventilation or evaporative cooling to overcome the increase in sensible heat caused by this increase in light..
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Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Antón Vallejo, Ma. Asunción; Muñoz Odina, Pere
Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Antón Vallejo, Ma. Asunción; Muñoz Odina, Pere
Muñoz Odina, Pere; Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Antón Vallejo, Ma. Asunción
Antón Vallejo, Ma. Asunción; Montero Camacho, Juan Ignacio; Muñoz Odina, Pere