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Quaternary Glacial Geology of Alta Ribagorqa Basin (Central Southern Pyrenees)
Vilaplana, Joan Manuel
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper is an abstract of the doctoral thesis presented by the autor at the University of Barcelona on September 1983. It constitutes a regional study about the Quatemary Glacial Geology in the Ribagorca high valleys. It is the first work in relation to the geomorphology, sedimentology and stratigraphy of the glacial and related deposits in this zone of the Pyrenees. Several formations of quatemary deposits have been studied in detail (mainly in Llauset Valley and in Tall area); and the local quatemary stratigraphy is established and finally a correlation with some previously studied areas in the Pyrenees is attemped.
Geomorfologia glacial
Alta Ribagorça (Catalunya)
Glacial landforms
Alta Ribagorça (Catalonia)
(c) Vilaplana, Joan Manuel, 1983
Article - Published version
Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Institut de Cièncias de la Terra Jaume Almera (ICTJA)

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