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Mitochondrial DNA damage and animal longevity: insights from comparative studies
Pamplona Gras, Reinald
ADN mitocondrial
Estrès oxidatiu
Oxidació fisiològica
cc-by, (c) Pamplona, 2011
Hindawi Publishing Corporation

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Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan; Pamplona Gras, Reinald; Sanz, Alberto
Jové Font, Mariona; Serrano Casasola, José Carlos Enrique; Bellmunt i Curcó, Josepa; Cassanyé, Anna; Anglès, Neus; Reguant, Jordi; Morelló, José R.; Pamplona Gras, Reinald; Portero Otín, Manuel
Hiona, Asimina; Sanz, Alberto; Kujoth, Gregory C.; Pamplona Gras, Reinald; Seo, Arnold Y.; Hofer, Tim; Someya, Shinichi; Miyakawa, Takuya; Nakayama, Chie; Samhan-Arias, Alejandro K.; Servais, Stephane; Barger, Jamie L.; Portero Otín, Manuel; Tanokura, Masaru; Prolla, Tomas A.; Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan