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25-years of biomonitoring in two mediterranean streams (Llobregat and Besos basins, NE Spain)
Prat i Fornells, Narcís; Rieradevall i Sant, Maria
Universitat de Barcelona
Biological water quality changes in two Mediterranean river basins from a network of 42 sampling sites assessed since 1979 are presented. In order to characterize the biological quality, the index FBILL, designed to characterize these rivers" quality using aquatic macroinvertebrates, is used. When comparing the data from recent years to older ones, only two headwater sites from the 42 had improved their water quality to good or very good conditions. In the middle or low river basin sites or even in headwater localities were river flow is reduced, the important investment to build up sewage water treatment systems and plants (more than 70 in 15 years) allowed for a small recovery from poor or very poor conditions to moderate water quality. Nevertheless still a significant number (25 %) of the localities remain in poor conditions. The evolution of the quality in several points of both basins shows how the main problems for the recovery of the biological quality is due to the water diverted for small hydraulic plants, the presence of saline pollution in the Llobregat River, and the insufficient water depuration. In the smaller rivers, and specially the Besòs the lack of dilution flows from the treatment plants is the main problem for water quality recovery.
Cursos d'aigua
Contaminació de l'aigua
Ecologia fluvial
Qualitat de l'aigua
Besòs (Catalunya : Curs d'aigua)
Llobregat (Catalunya : Curs d'aigua)
Water pollution
Stream ecology
Water quality
Besòs River (Catalonia)
Llobregat River (Catalonia)
(c) Prat i Fornells, Narcís et al., 2006
Article - Published version
Asociación Ibérica de Limnología

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