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Balanç hidroquímic d'una conca mediterrània en estat seminatural: el cas de la riera d'Arbúcies
Batalla, Ramon J.; Sala, Maria (Sala i Sanjaume)
Universitat de Barcelona
A study of hydrochemical characteristics of the Arbúcies river (a seminatural mediterranean basin) has been undertaken during 1991. Mean solute yield for each ion has been determined using the correlation curves between discharge and concentration, and the flow duration curve. The hydrochemical budget of the Arbúcies drainage basin shows that the basin is a net source for al1 the elements. The cationic denudation rate obtained in this granitic basin is 5.24 keqhalyear. This high rate is due to the intensive chemical weathering of the granodionte, that delivers an important amount of cations which will release to be transported. The results demostrate clearly the strength of lithological control on stream loads, particulary on the dissolved component.
Meteorització química
Conques hidrogràfiques
Mediterrània (Regió)
Chemical weathering
Mediterranean Region
(c) Batalla, Ramon J. et al., 1993
Article - Published version
Universitat de Barcelona (UB). Institut de Cièncias de la Terra Jaume Almera (ICTJA)

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