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Aspectos socioculturales de la precariedad laboral y de su impacto
Isla Pera, Ma. Pilar (María Pilar)
Universitat de Barcelona
This essay analyzes the current work crisis, its individual and social influence and its implications on human development and health. It discusses the main cultural perspectives on the notion of work and presents the hypothesis of a possible influence of the cultural meaning of the concept of 'work' on diminishing self-esteem and mental health problems among unemployed people. The essay also highlights possible implications of the current situation in the future taking into consideration socioeconomic and political aspects as well as global demographic growth. Finally, the essay discusses the role that Public Health should have not only in the prevention and control of health problems among the unemployed, but also in the social, economic and cultural changes that are considered necessary to mitígate the serious social differences and to improve the current situation.
Estabilitat laboral
Estrès laboral
Salut mental
Avaluació del risc per la salut
Promoció de la salut
Job security
Job stress
Mental health
Health risk assessment
Health promotion
(c) Isla Pera, Ma. Pilar (María Pilar), 2002
Article - Published version
Universitat d'Alacant

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