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Taxonomic study of the isopod crustaceans from the Spanish expedition 'Antartida 1986-11' in the Scotia Sea, South Atlantic
Castelló Escandell, Josep
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper summarizes the results of a taxonomic study of the isopods collected during the 'Antártida 1986-11' expedition. A total of 123 specimens were studied, of which 99 were in the adult or juvenile phases and 24 were in the postmanca phase. The specimens were attributed to 11 species, 9 genera, 5 families and 4 suborders. The most abundant species were Glyptonotus antarcticus and Ceratoserolis trilobitoides. Several records are reported for the first time from the archipelagos of the Scotia Arc.
Taxonomia zoològica
Antàrtic, Oceà
Zoological taxonomy
Antarctic Ocean
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Article - Published version
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

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