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De llibertat, autoritat i in/dependències (a la vida i l'obra de Maria-Mercè Marçal)
Rius Gatell, Rosa
Universitat de Barcelona
This article pays attention to two moments in the life and work (inseparably united) of Maria-Mercè Marçal. The first refers to a search of small objects presided by the moon. Taking this search as a motif, the freedom which the poet confers to the nocturnal light ¿mythical and magical symbol of femaleness- and, therefore, to that which symbolises the heavenly body, is revealed. The second moment revolves around the reflection of Marçal on the ¿female authority¿, a concept which this author, inspired by the philosophical community of Diotima, distinguishes from power. Throughout history, Maria-Mercè Marçal remarked, many women have gained strength from the free atribution of authority to other women, to their texts, to their experiences.
Marçal, Maria Mercè, 1952-1998
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Rius Gatell, 2004
GRC Creació i Pensament de les Dones (Universitat de Barcelona) i GRC Cos i Textualitat (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)

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