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Experimental analysis of bubble size dispersion and Y-junction types of bubble generator
Aubin, Guillaume
González Cinca, Ricard; Arias, Santiago
Previous studies carried out in the micro-gravity laboratory at the EPSC (EscolaPolitècnica Superior de Castelldefels) which is a Higher Education School of thePolytechnical University of Catalonia (UPC) allowed to characterize the behavior ofbubbles within a T-junction type bubble generator with water or alcohol in micro-gravitycondition. David Billaud, another student from ENSEEIHT doing his training period withme, carried out experiments with a bubble generator which sits at the border betweengravity and micro-gravity condition.My work at EPSC consisted of analyzing the dynamics of bubbles. Firstly Ianalyzed the frequency of small bubbles into a bubble flow in order to find out if therewould be a particular pattern. Secondly, I characterized two Y-junction type bubblegenerator of 30 and 60 degrees.Conclusions enable to characterize Y-junction type bubble generator behavior andallow us to better understand the presence of small bubbles in bubble flows.
The characteristics of flows generated in different Y-junction bubble generators will be studied.
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Bubbles -- Effect of reduced gravity on
Reduced gravity environments
Bubble generator
Ambients de microgravetat
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Bachelor Thesis
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

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