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Electroluminiscence and optical amplification in silicon nanostructures: towards the integration of electronics and photonics
Garrido Fernández, Blas
Universitat de Barcelona
This line of research of my group intends to establish a Silicon technological platform in the field of photonics allowing the development of a wide set of applications. Particularly, what is still lacking in Silicon Photonics is an efficient and integrable light source such an LED or laser. Nanocrystals in silicon oxide or nitride matrices have been recently demonstrated as competitive materials for both active components (electrically and optically driven light emitters and optical amplifiers) and passive ones (waveguides and modulators). The final goal is the achievement of a complete integration of electronic and optical functions in the same CMOS chip. The first part of this paper will introduce the structural and optical properties of LEDs fabricated from silicon nanostructures. The second will treat the interaction of such nanocrystals with rare-earth elements (Er), which lead to an efficient hybrid system emitting in the third window of optical fibers. I will present the fabrication and assessment of optical waveguide amplifiers at 1.54 ¿m for which we have been able to demonstrate recently optical gain in waveguides made from sputtered silicon suboxide materials.
(c) Sociedad Española de Óptica, 2006
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SEDO - Sociedad Española de Óptica

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