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Analysis of the three-phase induction motor with spiral sheet rotor
Mujal Rosas, Ramón María
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Enginyeria Elèctrica
The improvements obtained on the torque with low currents using rotor with spiral sheets are analyzedin this paper. To have a complete study, several rotors and stators have been built to verify the electromagneticvariations on the three-phase asynchronous motors where they combine different constructiveand mechanical characteristics of the related elements: changing inertias, constructive materials, and thegeometrical shapes and disposition of the sheets. These different types of motors have been first tested inthe laboratory, then, are simulated using computer aided tools (Matlab–Simulink). In particular four stators(1000, 1500, 1500-type A, and 3000 rpm) having the same constructive parameters, have been testedwith the following rotors: solid rotor, solid rotor with diamagnetic rings, drag cup, and simple and doublesquirrel cage rotor. All these results have been compared to those obtained with the seven variants ofspiral sheet rotor, presented in this paper.
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