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Urban Regeneration. A challenge for Public Art [1999]. Edition 2005
Remesar, Antoni
Universitat de Barcelona
Urban Regeneration. A challenge for Public Art, supposed the start of a trend of critical thought related to the topics of Public Art, Urban Regeneration and Urban Design. This trend agglutinated around the Public Art Observatory that, still today, develops its activities.The book gathers a series of critical proposals organized in the chapters " Art and Design in/for Public Space ", " Forms and Representations of Public Art/Public Space. The Producer/User Dilemma " and " Public Art / Cities in Competition: Strategies, Bridges and Gateways ", with the participation of, among others, Sergi Valera, Ray Smith, Martí Peran, Ian Rawlinson, Chaké Matosian, Enric Pol, J. Hyatt, J. Gingell or T. Bovaird.
Projecte PB98-1251 del Micinn
Art urbà
Art públic
Disseny urbà
Municipal art
Public art
Urban design
(c) Publicacions de la Universitat de Barcelona, 2005
Publicacions de la Universitat de Barcelona

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