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A qualitative analysis of immigrant population health practices in the Girona Healthcare Region
Saurina, Carme; Vall-llosera Casanovas, Laura; Sáez Zafra, Marc
Educació sanitària
Immigrants -- Salut i higiene
Health education
Immigrants -- Health and hygiene
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García-Goñi, Manuel; Carreras, M.; Inoriza, José María; Vall-Llosera, L.; Coderch, J.; Ibern, Pere
Inoriza, José María; Carreras, M.; García Goñi, Manuel; Ibern Regàs, Pere; Coderch, J.; Vall-Llosera, L.
Carreras, M.; García-Goñi, Manuel; Ibern, Pere; Coderch, J.; Vall-Llosera, L.; Inoriza, José María