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Vaginal hysterectomy with the autosuture stapler
Iglesias Guiu, Xavier, 1936-; Castelo-Branco Flores, Camil; Ribas, Carlos
Universitat de Barcelona
Our objective was to assess the applicability of hysterectomy by the vaginal route completely performed with Autosuture staples. Between January 1992 and September 1993, 5 vaginal hysterectomies using Autosuture staplers were performed by the authors. Five vaginal hysterectomies matched for age, parity, and uterine size performed by the same surgeons using reabsorbable sutures during the same period were used as case controls. No febrile morbidity, cuff infections, thrombophlebitis, bladder injury, or hemorrhage complications were observed in the 10 women who entered the study. In summary, vaginal hysterectomy can be performed with Autosutures easily, probably faster with experience, and with less oozing from the operative field, thus providing a safe procedure.
Cirurgia ginecològica
Malalties uterines
Gynecologic surgery
Uterus Diseases
Sutures (Surgery)
Sutures (Cirurgia)
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