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Galis, Alex; Rubio-Loyola, Javier; Clayman, Stuart; Mamatas, Lefteris; Kuklinski, Slawomir; Serrat Fernández, Juan; Zahariadis, Theodore
Dominguez-Ariza, D.; López, Núria (López Alonso); Illas i Riera, Francesc; Pacchioni, Gianfranco; Madey, Theodore E.
Ni, Xiaohua; Zhang, Yonggang; Ribas i Fortuny, Judit; Chowdhury, Wasim H.; Castanares, Mark; Zhang, Zhewei; Laiho, Marikki; DeWeese, Theodore L.; Lupold, Shawn E.
Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Reck, Theodore; Jung Kubiak, Cecile; Lee, Choonsup; Siles, Jose Vicente; Chahat, Naser; Cooper, Ken; Schlecht, Erich T.; Alonso del Pino, María; Mehdi, Imran