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Estràtegies de gestió per al manteniment de la biodiversitat a la sabana brasilera: control d'especies exòtiques amb foc
Oliveras Menor, Immaculada
Agència de Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca; Universidade de São Paulo. Instituto de Biociências
Report for the scientific sojourn at the Instituto de Biociências, of the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 2007 to 2009. African exotic grasses, used as forage crops for cattle, found optimal conditions in Brazilian savannas for their spread. They established as invasive grasses in almost all conservation units, becoming a serius threat to native biote and to most ecological processes. Fire is a cyclical event in Brazilian savannas and can be used as a management tool for enhancing competitivity of native grasses and controlling exotic grasses. Seeking for alternatives for the management of these grasses, this study investigates the effect of recurrent burnings in different periods of the year (fire regimes) on: distribution patterns of exotic grasses and their associations wotih native grasses, the local edaphic characteristics, the nutrient pool of the aerial biomass of both native and exotic grasses, and soil seed banks. This project is held on the IBGE Ecological Reserve, in Brasília (Brazil), in an area destined specifically for research of fire effects on brazilian savannas. The project quantifies: aerial biomass of native and exotic grasses, soil seed bank of exotic grasses, nutrient pool in soil and also in grasses tissues. Spatial relationships for any association between species, as well as for nutrient pools in soil and in plant tissues will be established. A better understanding of these processes will provide useful tools for adopting specific policies on the management of exotic grasses in Brazilian savanna.
574 - Ecologia general i biodiversitat
Ecologia dels focs -- Tròpics
Ecologia forestal -- Tròpics
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43 p.
Els ajuts de l'AGAUR;2006 BP-A10016

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