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Application of metabolic engineering to the production of scopolamine
Palazón Barandela, Javier; Navarro-Ocaña, Arturo; Hernández-Vázquez, Liliana; Mirjalili, Mohammad Hossein
Universitat de Barcelona
Scopolamine is an alkaloid widely used in medicine for its anticholinergic activity. The aim of this review is to show that metabolic engineering techniques constitute a suitable tool to improve the production of tropane alkaloids, focusing in particular on scopolamine. We present an overview of results obtained by various research groups, including our own, who have studied the overexpression of genes involved in the biosynthesis of scopolamine in different plant species that produce tropane alkaloids. Experiments carried out to improve production in hairy root cultures will also be described, as well as those attempting to biotransform hyoscyamine into scopolamine in roots and transgenic tobacco cells.
Enginyeria bioquímica
Biochemical engineering
cc-by, (c) Palazón et al., 2008
MDPI Publishing

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