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Diffusion in spatially and temporarily inhomogeneous media: Effects of turbulent mixing
Lehr, Heiner; Sagués i Mestre, Francesc; Sancho, José M.
Universitat de Barcelona
We consider diffusion of a passive substance C in a phase-separating nonmiscible binary alloy under turbulent mixing. The substance is assumed to have different diffusion coefficients in the pure phases A and B, leading to a spatially and temporarily dependent diffusion ¿coefficient¿ in the diffusion equation plus convective term. In this paper we consider especially the effects of a turbulent flow field coupled to both the Cahn-Hilliard type evolution equation of the medium and the diffusion equation (both, therefore, supplemented by a convective term). It is shown that the formerly observed prolonged anomalous diffusion [H. Lehr, F. Sagués, and J.M. Sancho, Phys. Rev. E 54, 5028 (1996)] is no longer seen if a flow of sufficient intensity is supplied.
Dinàmica de fluids
Equacions d'estat
Equilibri químic
Regla de les fases i equilibri
Fluid dynamics
Equations of state
Chemical equilibrium
Phase rule and equilibrium
c) The American Physical Society, 1997
The American Physical Society

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