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Velocity cross-correlations and atomic momentum transfer in simple liquids with different potential cores
Verdaguer Prats, Albert; Padró i Cárdenas, Joan Àngel
Universitat de Barcelona
Time correlation functions between the velocity of a tagged particle and velocities of particles within specified ranges of initial separations have been obtained by molecular dynamics simulation. These correlation functions have allowed us to analyze the momentum transfer between particles in different coordination shells. Two simple liquids at very different densities and two purely repulsive potentials with very different softnesses have been considered. The longitudinal correlations, which are the velocity cross-correlations along the initial direction defined by the centers of two given particles, have been calculated separately. It has been proven that these correlations should be attributed to particles both in front of and behind the central one. As with propagating longitudinal modes, they are strongly dependent on the softness of the potential core. Some characteristic features of the velocity correlation functions after the initial rise should be related to nonlongitudinal correlations. It has been shown that velocity cross-correlations between distinct particles cannot only be attributed to the direct interactions among particles, but also to the motions induced by the movement of a tagged particle on their neighbors.
Estructura cristal·lina (Sòlids)
Teoria del transport
Matèria condensada
Layer structure (Solids)
Transport theory
Condensed matter
(c) American Physical Society, 2000
The American Physical Society

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