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Aggregation of liposomes induced by calcium: A structural and kinetic study
Roldán-Vargas, Sándalo; Martín-Molina, Alberto; Quesada-Pérez, Manuel; Barnadas Rodríguez, Ramon; Estelrich i Latràs, Joan; Callejas-Fernández,Joan
Universitat de Barcelona
In this work, the calcium-induced aggregation of phosphatidylserine liposomes is probed by means of the analysis of the kinetics of such process as well as the aggregate morphology. This novel characterization of liposome aggregation involves the use of static and dynamic light-scattering techniques to obtain kinetic exponents and fractal dimensions. For salt concentrations larger than 5 mM, a diffusion-limited aggregation regime is observed and the Brownian kernel properly describes the time evolution of the diffusion coefficient. For slow kinetics, a slightly modified multiple contact kernel is required. In any case, a time evolution model based on the numerical resolution of Smoluchowski's equation is proposed in order to establish a theoretical description for the aggregating system. Such a model provides an alternative procedure to determine the dimerization constant, which might supply valuable information about interaction mechanisms between phospholipid vesicles.
Física mèdica
Medical physics
(c) The American Physical Society, 2007
The American Physical Society

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