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Experimentation and Stages of Acquisition for Tobacco Consumption in Spanish Adolescents
Font-Mayolas, Sílvia; Planes Pedra, Montserrat; Gras Pérez, María Eugenia; Sullman, Mark J.M.
One area which has been largely neglected when studying the acquisition of addiction to smoking with thetranstheoretical model is whether the individual had previously experimented with smoking. The importance of includingthe experimentation variable was supported by this research
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Planes Pedra, Montserrat; Gómez Lima, Ana Belén; Gras Pérez, María Eugenia; Sullman, Mark J.M.; Font-Mayolas, Sílvia; Cunill Olivas, Mònica; Aymerich Andreu, Maria
Font-Mayolas, Sílvia; Gras Pérez, María Eugenia; Planes Pedra, Montserrat
Planes Pedra, Montserrat; Prat Genís, Francesc Xavier; Gómez Lima, Ana Belén; Gras Pérez, María Eugenia; Font-Mayolas, Sílvia