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Top 25 most visited documents this year

The link between public support and private R&D effort: What is the optimal subsidy? 86
New predictions for inclusive heavy-quarkonium p-wave decays 59
Monitoring the decreasing trend of testicular cancer mortality in Spain during 2005-2019 through a Bayesian approach 56
El medi ambient i el desenvolupament, l'economia i l'educacio. Quina economia i quina educacio? 51
Are we living longer but less healthy? Trends in mortality and morbidity in Catalonia (Spain), 1994-2011 51
Una actividad telemática para mejorar la competencia comunicativa intercultural en la ESO 50
Estructura y relleno sedimentario de la semifosa neógena de Vilanova (Garraf, Barcelona) 49
Fiscalmanía número 58: novedades que debemos conocer 49
¿Afecta la sobreeducación de los padres al rendimiento académico de sus hijos? 48
Estructura de un ecotono bosque Subalpino-pastos alpinos (Las Cutas, Ordesa, Pirineos Centrales) 48
Integració docència i investigació: automedicació i ús de teràpies complementàries en estudiants universitaris 48
How to use the standard model with own data? 47
What about people in European Regional Science? 47
Returns to Foreign Language Skills in a Developing Country: The Case of Turkey 47
Evolución de distintos marcadores del remodelado óseo en pacientes hiperparatiroideos sometidos a exéresis quirúrgica de la glándula paratiroides 46
The environmental effects of changing speed limits: a quantile regression approach 45
The First World War and coal trade geography in Latin America and the Caribbean (1890-1930) 44
La formación investigadora (I) Modelos pedagógicos 43
Design and construction of precision heat fluxmeters 42
The building blocks of international ecological footprint inequality: a regression-based decomposition 42
Obtenció i optimització de recobriments antibacterians en superfícies de titani mitjançant polimerització per plasma 42
e-Galènica. Departament de Farmàcia i Tecnologia Farmacèutica 42
A territorial approach to R&D subsidies: Empirical evidence for Catalonian firms 42
Accounting research: a critical view of the present situation and prospects 41
Social Determinants of Child Health in Colombia: Can Community Education Moderate the Effect of Family Characteristics? 41

Top 25 most visited documents

Privatization and competition in the delivery of local services: An empirical examination of the dual market hypothesis 1,716
What about people in European Regional Science? 1,640
Loss risk through fraud in car insurance 1,594
Estudio Mediante Tecnicas Interferometricas de las Propiedades Tribologicas de la ZrO2 Obtenida por Proyeccion Termica 1,588
Reseña del Congreso Internacional 'Humanismo, mestizaje y escritura'. Universidad de Sevilla, 28-30 de octubre de 2009 1,577
Immigration and Firm Growth: Evidence from Spanish cities 1,553
The international trade as the sole engine of growth for an economy 1,476
Solvency Capital estimation and Risk Measures 1,461
Ecological Footprint Inequality across countries: the role of environment intensity, income and interaction effects 1,460
Los salarios de los inmigrantes en el mercado de trabajo español. ¿Importa el origen del capital humano? 1,382
Evaluating antitrust leniency programs 1,370
Economía urbana y calidad de vida. Una revisión del estado del conocimiento en España 1,342
Explaining High Economic Growth in Small Tourism Countries with a Dynamic General Equilibrium Model 1,341
How to use the standard model with own data? 1,331
Small firms, growth and financial constraints 1,321
Job losses, outsourcing and relocation: Empirical evidence using microdata 1,315
Local Distance-Based Generalized Linear Models using the dbstats package for R 1,309
Economic development and changes in car ownership patterns 1,298
An Introduction to parametric and non-parametric models for bivariate positive insurance claim severity distributions 1,295
Lowering blood alcohol content levels to save lives: The european experience 1,285
The causal relationship between Individual’s choice behavior and self-reported satisfaction: the case of residential mobility in the EU 1,276
The determinants of university patenting: Do incentives matter? 1,276
Los límites de la compacidad urbana como instrumento a favor de la sostenibilidad. La hipótesis de la compensación en Barcelona medida a través de la huella ecológica de la movilidad y la vivienda 1,269
Changes in the demand for private medical insurance following a shift in tax incentives 1,266
A logistic regression approach to estimating customer profit loss due to lapses in insurance 1,249

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